Life coach, spirit seeker, crystal healer, writer, speaker, creative adventurer.

What I do is make a meaningful life out of a diverse set of interests that are close to my heart.

I believe in personal accountability, meeting challenges, the freedom of forgiveness, the gift of learning from other people, believing in my own intuition and that there’s nothing that a great pair of shoes can’t make better.

I love dog kisses, hugs from my grandkids, belly laughter, dancing with my husband, and savoring a great cup of coffee.

I’m sure that Life is What You Make It, so choose to be happy, generous, authentic, think BIG, take the high road, forgive, use common sense, ask questions, learn, explore, laugh, cry, hug often, get over what your parents did–it’s not their fault anymore, find your truth and live it, and always respect your elders–they still have something to say.

Don’t take anything personally and behave with integrity.

Look up words you don’t know, friends you’ve lost touch with, and at the sky.

Use your gut feelings, they are usually right.

Oh, and I’m a rock star in my car.


First, you should know that I am not a fan of labels, for my professional life or my clothes, but I realize you are here to learn a bit more about me and get comfy with my vibe and all that jazz. So here is a list of what I have credentials for and a few labels that have graced my business cards:

Certified Professional Coach, Licensed Desire Map facilitator, crystal healer, Love For No Reason and Happy For No Reason Ambassador, Assistant Vice President, Vice President, President, newsletter editor, social media manager, purchasing agent, animal abuse activist, writer, creative adventurer, spiritual seeker, coffee lover, Outlander addict, and movie dialogue fan.


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